2015 International Conference for
Women Software Developers *

March 19, 20, & 21, 2015 Pace University, New York City

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Our 2013 attendees said ...

Thank you so much for inspiring everyone to be heard!!! So much of this is because I went to WSC. I didn’t understand how the conference proposal process even worked before. I hope this happens again next year.
Write/Speak/Code is definitely the best women-in-tech event I have ever attended. I really did enjoy being there and actually meeting other women that also enjoyed talking about technology and programming.
WriteSpeakCode was such an incredible experience. I think I'm still absorbing many of the lessons. I loved the list you sent as a check up. It's exactly the kind of thing I should keep on my wall and look over every day to remind me to get something important done every day.
We define "software developer" as anyone who has written a line of code (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, Java, whatever) and can explain what it does. Designers, E-book publishers, and beginners as well as engineers with 20 years experience have enjoyed our workshops and been inspired by each other.

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