2015 International Conference for
Women Software Developers *

March 19, 20, & 21, 2015 Pace University, New York City

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Code to change the world!

Day 3 — Saturday, March 21, 2015

Code Day will turn you into an Open Source contributor! From git to licensing, you'll learn all about open source logistics and culture. Learn where to find projects and how to determine which projects are best for you. Get the low-down on how best to contribute and engage with open source maintainers. Publish and contribute to open source by the end of the day!

Publish a code project or a basic markdown page
Contribute code, docs, tests, video, blogs, or promotion to open source projects

  • Learn

    • How to find and choose projects
    • What makes a helpful issue, bug report, and documentation
    • Schedule
  • Do

    • Share your code & your project — in real life and digitally
    • Contribute code for a feature or tests to an open source project
    • Speakers

Own your expertisePursue improvementCreate visibility

Each day will be tailored to the experience and expertise of each attendee and will include:
  • giving and receiving feedback from peers and experts
  • talks or panels from experienced women developers
  • group and individual workshops
  • creation of a usable prototype for the day's milestones
  • a concrete, next-steps action plan

Code to Change the World Day will feature:

  • Code Montage promotes social innovation while helping coders improve their skills. CodeMontage was born out of the belief that computing is the most efficient way to improve the human experience, and that software developers become the best through lots of practice building real applications. We know from teaching beginners that there’s a frustrating gap between learning to code and being able to build robust applications, and we know from hiring and mentoring developers that experience can’t be replaced with canned tutorials.

  • Coraline Ada Ehmke is an intersectional technologist with a passion for mentoring, learning, refactoring, and developing artificially intelligent IRC bots. She's a senior engineer at Instructure, developing software used by millions of students and teachers. Coraline organizes Chicago Women Developers, OpenSourceForWomen.org, and LGBTech.org. She is on the speaker selection committee for RailsConf and created the Open Source Contributor Covenant.

  • Courteney Ervin is an Events Platform Engineer at CodeMontage. The confluence of open source and social good were the seed of her tech career, and she is thrilled to be writing code at the junction of such important movements. Courteney is also firmly committed to fostering a more diverse tech industry through accessible educational opportunities. Previously, she was a founding teacher of Dev Bootcamp’s NYC campus and has led events and tech projects at a variety of nonprofits.

  • Jen Myers is a web designer/developer, speaker, teacher and writer located in Chicago, and the Director of Open Source Curriculum at online training course provider Pluralsight. In 2014, she founded Code and Cupcakes, a series of mother/daughter beginner coding events and currently lead workshops on a regular basis. In 2011, Jen founded the Columbus, Ohio chapter of Girl Develop It, a group that provides introductory coding classes aimed at women, and have been involved with GDI as an instructor and advisor since. Jen speaks widely about topics related to design, development and diversity in the technology field, and focus on finding new ways to make both technology and technology education accessible to everyone.

  • Julia Elman is a designer, developer, author and public speaker from the Python community. She was appointed as a Django Software Foundation Member based on her contributions to the Django community. and co-authored Lightweight Django for O’Reilly Media in November 2014. Julia also focuses computer science in education and has helped establish several groups and programs to teach computer science to adults and teens. She leads PyLadies Raleigh-Durham and, in January 2013, she helped start a local chapter of Girl Develop It whose focus is to empower women through code. GDIRDU has grown to over 1,000 members, taught over 100 classes to help empower women through coding and is celebrating its second anniversary.

  • Vanessa Hurst is a data-focused technologist and advocate of coding for humanity, currently building CodeMontage. She founded Developers for Good and co-founded Girl Develop It. Vanessa advises Ohours and scouts for awesome open source projects for Mozilla WebFWD. She love tigers, marshmallows, chai lattes, and really big ideas.

All Speakers

We define "software developer" as anyone who has written a line of code (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, Java, whatever) and can explain what it does. Designers, E-book publishers, and beginners as well as engineers with 20 years experience have enjoyed our workshops and been inspired by each other.

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